Street Photo Milan welcomes the special guests who will give life to the first edition.


Talk: Tuesday May 1st, 6 pm, Spazio Edit via Maroncelli 14
Portfolio Review: Tuesday May 1st, 6 pm

Clara Vannucci is an Italian documentary photographer, mostly known for her work on the Italian and American prison system. In New York, with the help of Donna Ferrato, she took pictures in the prisons of Rikers Island (NY), developing a project about the section for women victims of violence in one of the largest American prisons. Inside the prison of Volterra she realizes "Crime and Redemption", a reportage about the theater in prison.
She won a scholarship at FABRICA from 2012 to 2014 where she developed her third project on the penal system: "Bail Bond. Bondsmen, defendants & bounty hunters".


Talk: Tuesday May 1, 6 pm, Spazio Edit via Maroncelli 14
Portfolio Review: Saturday April 28 - Sunday April 29

Daria Bonera was born in Milan. After the beginning in Contrasto Agency, in 2004 she entered Grazia Neri agency for which she represented several international agencies and photographers and was responsible for the selection of new photographers. In 2009 started her own Agency, DB, where she represents a few selected documentary, fashion photographers, film directors and illustrators for fashion and advertising. Daria Bonera is a portfolio reader at Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, Cortona On The Move, and a jury member in many international awards such as Prix de la Photographie Paris.


Talk: Thursday May 3rd, 6 pm, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14

Stephanie Gengotti is a photographer of Italian/French nationality based in
Rome. She has a degree in English and French Translation, a graduate
diploma in photojournalism issued by the Scuola Romana di Fotografia.
"The need to establish an empathic and direct relationship often leads her
to live in the same house and in the same identical daily routine as the
main characters in her stories. A photograph is only the very last act, the
catharsis, in a long and slow knowledge path."
Her works have been awarded and exhibited in numerous shows in Italy and
abroad. She works mainly with reportage photography and portrait.
Important editorial assignments have included work for L’Espesso, Le Monde
magazine, Stern, The New York Times, The Sunday Times Magazine, 6 Mois, Yo
Dona, El Mundo, Vanity Fair, IL, Il Reportage etc.


Talk: Wednesday, May 2nd, 7 pm, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14
Portfolio Review: Tuesday May 1 - Wednesday May 2

Leica Ambassador since 2013, Eolo Perfido is one of the most known Italian Street Photographer in Italy and abroad. He documented the daily life of some of the most important Italian cities including Rome and Milan and many foreign capitals such as Tokyo.
His photography has been a source of inspiration for some of the most important communication agencies in the world including JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Young & Rubicam, BBDO, United 1861, Gray.
His photographic series have been exhibited in several private galleries and museums including the Janete Costa Gallery in Recife in Brazil and the Manege Museum in St. Petersburg.
He has been involved in photographic training for many years and has had dozens of international workshops on Portrait, Street Photography and Digital Post Production.


Portfolio Review: Sunday April 29, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14

Alessandro Penso is an award-winning photographer, winner of the World Press Photo General News 2014. Since his debut, he has received numerous awards including: PDN Photo Student Award, PDN Photo Annual Award, Px3, Project Launch Award Santa Fe 2011, Terry O'Neill TAG Award 2012, Sofa Global Award 2013, Magnum Foundation Emergency Found, Burn Emerging Photographer Found.
Active in the social field, Alessandro focused on immigration in the Mediterranean area in recent years.
His work has appeared in famous newspapers such as Stern Magazine, The Guardian, BBC, The New York Magazine, Businessweek, Time Magazine, The International Herald Tribune, Human Rights Watch, L'Espresso, International, D of the Republic, Vanity Fair Italia, El Periodico, Le Journal de la Photographie, Enet and Ekathimerini.


Talk: Sunday May 6th, 5 pm, Spazio Edit via Maroncelli 14
Workshop Leica Akademie: from Saturday May 5th to Sunday May 6th, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14

Born in 1974, he has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. His work has been published in international magazines and websites such as TIME, LFI - Leica International Photography, Cubadebate, Zeke Magazine, Playboy, Featureshoot, Lensculture, Daily Mail, The Guardian.
Among other international awards, in 2015 he was awarded to the World Press Photo for his work on Indonesian Muslim transsexuals, while his report on Cuba was awarded as one of the 12 finalists at the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2016. From 2017 he is one of the three Leica International Ambassadors for Leica M10.
Specializing in reportage, he collaborates with several magazines, associations and NGOs, such as Amnesty International and Medecin Sans Frontières. He is a photography lecturer and speaker at seminars on human rights in which he exposes his life experiences in the countries of the South of the world.


Portfolio Review: Saturday April 28, Spazio Edit via Maroncelli 14

Born in 1963, Marco Finazzi has been the photo editor of Vanity Fair since the very first issue. He worked at Grazia Neri Agency for fifteen years. Following various apprenticeships in Paris at Libération, and in New York at Leibovitz’s agency, he joined the editorial staff of La Stampa’s Specchio, Grazia and Amica in the role of iconographic editor. Currently he specializes in reportage productions and celebrities’ portrayals and from time to time pens articles about music and cinema, which are his biggest passions alongside photography. He runs a section at, where he selects the best photographs that come to the office from all over the world


Talk: Wednesday May 2, 6pm, 6 pm, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14
Class: Thursday May 3, 2 pm - 6 pm, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14 - Iscriviti alla Class di Julia:

Julia Coddington is an Australian photographer. As a designer she manages to focus on what seems to work well visually. As a child, with her first Polaroid, she enjoyed portraying family and friends. In the eighties she conquered an Olympus OM-10 "not realizing that I was already doing street photography", while from 2008 she went on to shoot with iPhone.


Talk: Eyegobananas: Wednesday May 4, 5 pm

Born and raised in Pescara, Italy, a little seaside town on the Adriatic sea. He graduated in Engineering in Milan, where he currently lives and work for a consulting company. Although he discovered photography early in my life, it was only in 2014 that this passion burst again, when I came across Street Photography.
Since then, either in public or private places, on a plane or underwater, in my Homeland or wherever on earth, he shoots what interests and thrills him the most, making photography not a purpose, but a reason.
In recent years his work has been exhibited in Italy, Europe and the United States. In 2016 he won first prize at the Brussels Street Photography Festival and in 2017 he’s been a finalist at the Miami Street Photography Festival.


Talk: Eyegobananas: Wednesday May 4, 5 pm

Born in Milan, where he lives and works as a graphic designer and freelance photographer, he is inspired by everyday life and its unpredictability. What stimulates him is the idea of finding, wherever he is, a scene to portray, which pushes him to take his camera with him at all times.
He is a member and founder of the Collective Eyegobananas, a group of Italian street photographers who share the same way of living the "street" and instill in their photographs their personal emotions.
He has participated in several group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad (Rome, Bangkok and New York).


Talk: Monday April 30, 6 pm, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14

Born in Toulon, France, he began taking photos in 1975. Since 1977 he's been travelling as a photoreporter in Latin America, Africa, Balkans, Middle-East, at the beginning with French photo agencies and then with American photo agencies and international magazines (Newsweek, Der Siegel, Time, The New York Times).
In 1992 he won the World Press Photo (Daily Life, stories category) with a press report about a cholera epidemic in Peru, and in 1999 he gained a mention of honor at the same award for a press report about Kosovo.
The long-term projects “The Noise of the Sabers” (1986-1988) documents the Chilean society during the last two years of the military dictatorship of the General Augusto Pinochet.
Since the Nineties he focused on more personal projects which allowed him to cover a story more in depth, without the limitations imposed by the magazines schedule: the slave trade from Benin to the sugar cane plantations of Dominican Republic and Haiti; the three diseases devastating the Third World – aids, malaria and tuberculosis.
From 2000 he is associated member of the German photo agency Zeitenspiegen Reportagen, and he is working for them with a project about the frontiers in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Middle-East.

Ivo Saglietti


Photo Walk: Thursday May 1st, 9 am

Born in 1963, Marco Negri is a professional photographer since he was 27. After his university studies, he started working as a documentary photographer for Nikon Group, Grazia Negri Photo Agency, for which he realized some of his most important works. 
When the agency definitely shut down, Negri started collaborating with LaPresse and he focused on covering the conflicts areas such as Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and South America. Over the years, he published several books, among them: “Afghanistan Diary, three years in no man's land” and “A town as a friend, drugs and young people in an unknown Kenya”. 
His works have been published on most of the major Italian and foreign magazines.

Marco Negri


Talk: Thursday MAY 3, 7 pm, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14

Born in Rome, journalist, Alessandra Mauro is artistic director of the Fondazione Forma for Photography in Milan since its foundation (2005) and editor of the Contrasto publishing house in Rome, specialized in monographic volumes and essays dedicated to photography.
As curator, she has conceived and organized several photographic exhibitions, including William Klein - Rome, Mario Giacomelli - The black is waiting for the white, Mimmo Jodice - Lost in seeing, Gordon Parks - An American story, Herb Ritts - In full light, Gianni Berengo Gardin and Elliott Erwitt - A friendship in silver salts and many others.
As editor of Contrasto, she has edited and produced several books and catalogs, including My brother’s keeper: photography and human rights; Ombre di Guerra. She teaches History and Critics of Photography at the DAMS of Rome 3 University and collaborates with the Vatican Museums, Contemporary Art Collection, for a project on photography.

Contrasto Books


Talk: Thursday MAY 3, 7 pm, Spazio Edit, via Maroncelli 14

Roberto Koch is editor, curator, photographer and organizer of cultural photography events at international level for over 30 years. In 1994 he founded the Contrasto publishing house, known all over the world and with a catalog of more than 400 titles dedicated to the great international photography. The agency Contrasto is also the most important Italian photographic production house, founded in 1986 and still guided by Koch. Koch is founder and President of the Fondazione Forma for Photography in Milan, the main place dedicated to photography in Italy, where since 2005 take place the most important expositions and educational-cultural activities around photography.
He was part of the international jury of the World Press Photo in 1996, 1997 and 1999. In 2003, along with other important personalities of international photography, he was a member of the jury of the Henri Cartier-Bresson prize. In 2010 he was invited to join the jury of the Sony International Awards of Photography..

Contrasto Books