Roberto Andrade, Brazil
Street Photo Milan welcomes the special guests who will give life to this edition.


Pinkhassov's interest in photography began while he was still at school. After studying cinematography at the VGIK (the Moscow Institute of Cinematography), he went on to work at the Mosfilm studio and then as a set photographer. In 1978 Pinkhassov joined the Moscow Union of Graphic Art and obtained the status of an independent artist. His work was noticed by the prominent Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky, who invited Pinkhassov to the set to make a reportage about his film Stalker (1979). Pinkhassov moved permanently to Paris in 1985. He joined Magnum Photos in 1988. He works regularly for the international press, particularly for Geo, Actuel and the New York Times Magazine. His book, Sightwalk, explores individual details, through reflections or particular kinds of light, often approaching abstraction.


Jacob Aue Sobol was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1976. He lived in Canada from 1994-95 and Greenland from 2000-2002. In Spring 2006 he moved to Tokyo, living there 18 months before returning to Denmark in August 2008. After studying at the European Film College, Jacob was admitted to Fatamorgana, the Danish School of Documentary and Art Photography in 1998. There he developed a unique, expressive style of black-and-white photography, which he has since refined and further developed.
In the autumn of 1999, he went to live in the settlement Tiniteqilaaq on the East Coast of Greenland. Over the next three years, he lived mainly in this township with his Greenlandic girlfriend Sabine and her family, living the life of a fisherman and hunter but also photographing. The resultant book Sabine was published in 2004, and the work was nominated for the 2005 Deutsche Börse Photography Prize.

In the summer of 2005, Jacob traveled with a film crew to Guatemala to make a documentary about a young Mayan girl’s first journey to the ocean. The following year he returned by himself to the mountains of Guatemala where he met the indigenous family Gomez-Brito. He stayed with them for a month to tell the story of their everyday life. The series won the First Prize Award, Daily Life Stories, World Press Photo 2006.
In 2006 he moved to Tokyo and during the next two years, he created the images from his recent book I, Tokyo. The book was awarded the Leica European Publishers Award 2008 and published in 7 Countries.
In 2008, Jacob started working in Bangkok and Copenhagen.


Born in 1974, Matt Stuart was raised in the leafy suburbs of Harrow, North West London. He admits to a less than distinguished school career, but was called upon aged 11 to play a trumpet solo in front of the Queen Mother. Her Majesty’s reaction is not recorded.
A little later, in 1986, Matt discovered skateboarding after watching the film “Back to the Future”. Skating occupied his every waking moment until 1994, when he looked up from the half-pipe and noticed that girls had got a lot more interesting. He also indulged in a brief, ill-advised affair with Kung Fu.
Matt’s father, keenly aware that his son would never be the next Bruce Lee, introduced him to photography, handing over books by Robert Frank & Henri Cartier-Bresson. Ever since then, photography has been Matt’s overriding passion, although he’s still quite interested in skateboards and girls. (But thankfully not Kung Fu).


Born in 1974, he has been a professional photographer for over 20 years. His work has been published in international magazines and websites such as TIME, LFI - Leica International Photography, Cubadebate, Zeke Magazine, Playboy, Featureshoot, Lensculture, Daily Mail, The Guardian.
Among other international awards, in 2015 he was awarded to the World Press Photo for his work on Indonesian Muslim transsexuals, while his report on Cuba was awarded as one of the 12 finalists at the Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2016. From 2017 he is one of the three Leica International Ambassadors for Leica M10.
Specializing in reportage, he collaborates with several magazines, associations and NGOs, such as Amnesty International and Medecin Sans Frontières. He is a photography lecturer and speaker at seminars on human rights in which he exposes his life experiences in the countries of the South of the world.


Olga Walther, Yakov Henkin's granddaughter and Evgeny Henkin's grandniece, is a psychologist, editor and translator from Lausanne, Switzerland, where she moved from St. Petersburg, Russia, 15 years ago. Over the past decade, she has dedicated much of her time to the rediscovery, preservation and study of the creative heritage of the Henkin brothers. To this end, in late 2016, she, with her son Denis Maslov and the art manager Yana Klichuk, founded the Henkin Brothers Archive Association, the activities of which she currently leads.


Eolo Perfido is a 45 years old photographer based in Rome, Italy.
Leica Ambassador and Leica Akademie instructor, Eolo is one of the best known Italian Street Photographers.
He runs one of the biggest photo studio in Italy and in the last decades he collaborated with several international advertising and communication agencies such as JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leo Burnett, Young & Rubicam, BBDO, United 1861, Grey and Blossom Communication.
Eolo Perfido photography has been featured in magazines such as NY Times, Communication Arts, Panorama First, Vision, Vogue Russia, GQ Russia, Communication Arts, L’Espresso, and Computer Arts and he worked for several international clients like Pepsi Cola, Samsung, Kraft, Gatorade, Sky Television, Novartis and Opel.
In the beginning his career he has been honored to assist on the field photographers like Steve McCurry, Elliott Erwitt, Eugene Richards and James Nachtwey in several of their shootings in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. He is represented by Sudest57 photo agency.


Chris Suspect is a street and documentary photographer from Washington, DC. His work has been recognized internationally and has been exhibited at various venues in the U.S, Germany, Belgium, Georgia and the United Kingdom. His documentary work on the underground music scene in Washington, D.C., was published as a book, Suspect Device, in 2014. He has won numerous photography contests, including FotoWeek DC, StreetFoto San Francisco and Eyewitness in Brussels. He has served as a judge for the Miami Street Photography Festival, the Brussels Street Photography Festival and the World Street Photography Photo Book Competition. Since 2012 he has been a member of the STRATA photo collective and is currently a member of


Camilla Ferrari (1992) is an Italian visual storyteller based in Milan, Italy.
Her interest lies in the relationship between human beings and their surroundings, exploring this relationship with a delicate voyeurism. Part of her research is concerned with how social media have the power to enrich visual storytelling through the mix between short videos and photographs, still and moving images.
Perpetuating the sense of gentleness that arises from her photographs, she expresses her delicate observations also through her Instagram stories, which are an active part of her practice. Camilla was recently selected for the Nikon-NOOR Academy Masterclass in Turin, Italy, and for the Eddie Adams Workshop XXXI, one of the world’s most prestigious photojournalism workshops. She has been working for clients that range from editorial to commercial, including: Apple, Blink, Elle Decor Italia, National Geographic, The Culture Trip, DxO, Gli Occhi della Guerra magazine.


Emilio Barillaro was born in 1980 in Gioiosa Jonica.
He lives and works in Rome as a photographer.
He teaches photography at the "Roman Center of Photography and Cinema".
He is a member of the Photographic Museum of Humanity.
His work has been published on several national and international websites, magazines and books. His photos have been shown in Europe and in America.


Cross-media documentary photographer specialized in long form social reportages. Since 2016 Casino focused his researches and works in a long-form cross-media documentary narrative, called, documenting the rising of new e-models, the ways big data and technologies are challenging the democratic process from the inside and their impact on environment. Before that, He covered stories across Europe and Africa, receiving awards and grants like the 1° place in the 2014 World Press Photo, short feature multimedia category, two times selected for the 30 under 30 by Magnum Photos. His works has been published on leading news outlets for clients like National Geographic, BBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, Internazionale, Il Sole 24 Ore, among the others. He is 32 years old and based in Milan, Italy.


Eléonore Simon is a French-American photographer based in Valparaíso, Chile. After obtaining her master’s degree in art history, Eléonore moved to New York and fell in love with street photography. There, she worked as a studio manager and served as a teaching assistant at the International Center of Photography. 
Now she lives in Chile where she is developing new street photography and documentary projects. Her work focuses on the poetry of city life, on the quiet and enigmatic moments that emerge in the midst of our chaotic and overwhelming urban environments. Her work has been exhibited in the United States and in London and has received multiple awards, including Magenta Foundation’s Flash Forward Emerging Photographers Competition and the Latin American Fotografía award.


Andrew has been creating unposed and candid photography for many years. Starting in London in the 90s and throughout the United States and elsewhere in the world, he assembles and exhibits numerous photo essays on his site and in many publications. Andrew shoots exclusively in color. He is a founding member of BurnMyEye.


Michael May (1958) has been working as a staff photographer at a German newspaper for more than 27 years. He is married with the best wife of all, has two adult sons and two fabulous dogs. Michael is a founding member of the renowned and very popular Observe Collective, an international photography collective focused primarily on the practice of candid street photography. Michael (or as his friends call him Monty) is manager of the street photography festival Observations, which started off in 2017. Working as a photo journalist, Michael is not a true-blooded street photographer, but a crosser between documentary and street. His credo is: I am not interested in rules and conventions. Street photography is documentary photography in terms of observing our social environments, but not every documentary photography must necessarily be street photography. Photography is not a sport – it’s pure fun, and sometimes a little piece of art.

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Graduated in Economic Political Sciences, he began his career in the Milanese finance, becoming responsible for the marketing direction of Deutsche Bank Fondi Italia.
In 1996 he left the German bank to co-found the first independent financial information site. In 2005 he arrives at ilGiornale, where he realizes the first online version of the newspaper.
Today he is CEO of ilGiornale on line srl, a company that manages, and President of the Association for the Promotion of Journalism which, through crowdfunding, supports international reports for Gli Occhi della Guerra (now For the first time in the world, readers support directly and financially the work of hundreds of journalists and reporters from around the world.

Gli Occhi della Guerra


During the the 1990s Denis Curti was director of the Photography School of the European Institute of Design in Turin. From 1995 to 2002, he was director of the Italian Foundation for Photography. Expert in the collecting market related to photography, in the years 2002-2003 he was curator of the first photographic auctions of Sotheby's in Milan. For over 15 years he was a journalist and photo critic for Vivimilano and Corriere della Sera. From 2005 to 2014 he was director of Contrasto - Milan and vice president of the Forma Foundation in Milan.
He is currently director of the monthly magazine "Il Fotografo", founder of STILL FOTOGRAFIA, artistic director of the Casa dei TRE OCI in Venice and of the Festival of Photography in Capri and director of the Master in Photography at the Raffles School in Milan. Furthermore, he is a consultant at the Venice Foundation for the management of the photographic heritage.

Il Fotografo


Maurizio Beucci is a photographer, teacher and Head of Leica Akademie Italy.
He is Photographic Assets Manager at Leica Camera Italia, for whom he takes care of the photographic contents, as well as the relationships with the photographers.
His works have been exhibited worldwide, from the Somerset House in London to the Leica Galerie in Milan and they have been published on Italian and international magazines. He studies and research the history of photography and post-photography of which he observes the values ​​as a visual thought and its applications.


Claudio Composti was born in Milan in 1973. A gallery owner and curator, he raised in his father’s historic Gianfranco and Franco Toselli Gallery. After studying literature he transformed an early vocation into a passion that led him, in 1997, to open the Cà di Frà Gallery with his father and later, in 2009, the mc2gallery in Milan together with the young collector Vincenzo Maccarone, with whom he shares artistic tastes and passions. mc2gallery becomes a reference point for photography over the years. We organize exhibitions and meetings with international photographers and with young artists. Cultural debates are organized, in collaboration with the State University of Milan, with the desire to create a transversal language that unites every discipline of knowledge and art. In the new space, in a former leather tannery, a section of books dedicated to photography is also available. Since 2010 he collaborates with the photography centers Phos (Chieri, TO) and MACULA (Pesaro) and organizes exhibitions in collaboration with Italian and international galleries or institutional spaces. For 3 years he has been invited as an external member to read the portfolio of the theses at the IED in Turin.


Daria Bonera was born in Milan. After graduating in Fashion Marketing at St Martins School in London, she started working for Contrasto agency in Milan and in 2004 with the Photojournalism Agency Grazia Neri, for which she represented several international agencies and photographers and took care of the selections of new photographers.
In 2008 she moved to New York where she became Donna Ferrato’s agent and represented the Grazia Neri photographers in the United States.
In 2009 she returned to Milan where she founded her own agency, DB, with which she represents photographers, directors and illustrators for fashion and advertising.
He is a producer and photographic consultant for editorial projects and institutional and social advertising campaigns.
He taught The Flying Course with Stanley Greene in Paris and Love Venetian Style: an Intimate View with Donna Ferrato in Venice.
She was invited as a portfolio reader to Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles, Cortona On The Move, Photolux, Travel Literature Festival, PhotoPlus Expo in New York and was a jury member in numerous international awards and nominators for Prix Pictet.


"We are a group of Italian photographers whose primary objective is to represent what surrounds us, a world that does not follow rules. We try to use images to tell something that has meaning for us, even if it doesn't necessarily tells something to others. We are aware of this and do not do so with presumption. We always shoot with a camera: sometimes we take a photo, often we don't. We are here and now trying to understand something about ourselves through the images we collect on the streets."


OBSERVE is one of the main international photography collectives. Members from four continents are united by a common fascination with watching and documenting the diverse humanity that surrounds us.

Greg Allikas
Marcelo Argolo
Fadi BouKaram
Ronen Berka
Larry Cohen
Chris Farling
Larry Hallegua
David Horton
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Guille Ibañez
Michael May
Oguz Ozkan
Ilya Shtutsa
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Tom Young