Entrance ticket to the festival activities is free for participants


From Saturday May 18 to Sunday May 19, 2019
Leica Akademie 2-days Workshop in English language
Base, via Bergognone 34, 20144 Milano
This workshop is aimed at those photographers who want to improve their street photography skills, by working two days with one of the most renowned photographers from the street photography scene, Matt Stuart.
As a participant, you should expect to explore the city and streets of Milano, see Matt at work with his camera to learn tricks and tips on how to get closer to your subjects while doing street photography. This workshop also covers a part of how to select your work, and what makes a good photo and not such a good photo. This is a very complete workshop aimed at improving your skills as a street photographer, from being out in the streets taking photos to checking your work, doing group editing, getting feedback, having drinks, and making new friends.
The Workshop will be in English language without translation and a maximum of 15 participants will be admitted. Please bring your camera to take pictures, most preferably a digital camera. Remember to bring enough batteries and an empty memory card with enough space to take pictures during the workshop. A laptop with software to edit/tone your images. A notebook to take down notes during the workshop (optional). A portfolio of your pictures (10 to 20 images in USB drive in jpg/jpeg format).
€ 390,00


From Saturday May 18 to Sunday May 19, 2019
Leica Akademie 2-days Workshop in Italian language
Base, via Bergognone 34, 20144 Milano
"Photography is not the reproduction of reality. It is a point of view on reality." The masterful interpretation of light to highlight the vivid colors of its subjects, the use of shadows as living parts of the scene depicted, the complexity of the composition and the coexistence of different planes in the image, are some of the distinctive features of the artistic - documentary style by Fulvio Bugani, as well as the themes covered in this street photography workshop. During the two days of the course, in fact, Fulvio will share with the participants his experiences and his personal vision of photography as a story of reality. Two half days of outdoor shooting will be provided, to be able to know his approach to shooting, as well as a guided selection and editing session of the work carried out with ample space dedicated to analyzing the images of the participants.
The workshop is open to a maximum of 12 participants.
The workshop will be in Italian language without translation.
All participants will be provided with a Leica camera complete with lens to use for the workshop. Participants will have to provide with them an adequate number of SD memory cards as well as a laptop for editing images.
€ 350,00


Saturday May 18
Leica Akademie 1-day Editing Masterclass in English language, from 10 am to 19 pm.
Leica Akademie Italy, via Mengoni 4, 20149 Milano
How do you create a personal expression through the edit of your images? Selecting, sequencing and telling the story in your way. In this 1-day masterclass Jacob will look at your project whether it’s in the beginning stage, midway or you are finalising it for exhibition or book publishing. Through 8 hours of intensive dialogue Jacob will dedicate himself to you and your work.
The masterclass is open to a maximum of 12 participants.
The masterclass will be in English language, no translation service offered.
You need to bring: 50-100 prints in A5 from the project you are working on. Participants will receive a signed copy of 'Arrivals and Departures': the collaborative project with Leica from the Trans Siberian Railway.
€ 290